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THE MARSHALL PROJECT - Newest article on the bail industry

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  • THE MARSHALL PROJECT - Newest article on the bail industry

    The bail bonds industry is yet again made out to look like some evil group of predators after innocent peoples money according to a few "non-profit, charity, free bail bonding companies" if these people have any idea they would realize that being a bail bondsman we have NOTHING to do with setting a bail bond. We provide a service, peoples arms are not twisted and being forced to use our companies. If they did not commit a crime to begin with they wouldn't be behind bars, the JUDGE/MAGISTRATE don't listen to BAIL BONDSMEN as a recommendation to determine bail. We as bail bondsmen are the victims here to the media and companies like the ones mentioned on that website, we are being categorized as the villain, and I personally am sick of it.

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    By state law, bail agents must charge 10 per cent of bond or $100, whichever is greater, plus a $50 fee. This creates a mandatory minimum and nonrefundable $150 charge that makes writing small bonds profitable. This is a huge win-win for the bail bonds industry.


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      What a joke of a headline though


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        the bail project is a joke... they are operating as a unlicensed bail bonds company themselves ... oh but "non-profit" its a joke