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Drug crimes and bail bond

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  • Drug crimes and bail bond

    Federal and state laws cover many types of drug crimes. State drug laws may be narrower provided they don’t conflict with federal drug laws. Federal drug charges usually produce longer sentences, while state drug charges may involve short-term sentencing or even probation. Whatever types of the drug crime are involved, having any kind of drug conviction on your record will surely have severe consequences. This article provides an overview of some common types of drug crimes.

    Generally, “drug paraphernalia” describes any equipment that’s utilized to prepare, inject, inhale, or hide illegal drugs. Additionally, it describes any equipment accustomed to hide or produce drugs. Based on the National Drug Intelligence Center, it’s illegal for anybody to market, import, or export any drug paraphernalia. Types of drug paraphernalia include but aren’t restricted to:

    ✔ Bongs
    ✔ A wide variety of pipes
    ✔ Rolling papers
    ✔ Syringes

    The problem that frequently occurs with drug paraphernalia is that some are designed to look as if they are designed for legal purposes. Including, many bongs include labeling stating that they should only be used with tobacco. Even with such a label, you can be charged with drug paraphernalia depending on the place you purchased the item or how the item looks.

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    The sad truth about individuals who commit drug crimes such as possession of drugs, trafficking, and manufacturing drugs is that 80% of offenders abuse drugs and/or alcohol, 50% of individuals who are in jail are addicted to substances.

    Incarceration has little or no effect on drug abuse, a bail bond will get out of jail but you need to get the type of help such as substance abuse treatment to help with the root of the problem. After being bailed out jail 60-80% of the drug abusers commit a new drug-driven crime and the same bonding company can write your new bail bond. Even if the drug abuser seeks treatment 95% fail to complete their treatment and return to using drugs.

    The United States in prisons more people than 26 European nations. Drug abuse in the United States is at an epidemic level and they need desperately to have reform in their prison systems to help rectify this growing problem.