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  • Computer Crime

    Types of computer crimes
    • Computer Fraud – such as, deleting stored data, concealing unauthorized transactions, entering false data
    • Cyber Terrorism – an act of terrorism committed through the use of cyberspace or computer resources
    • Hacking – breaching a weakness in a network
    • Copyright infringement – copying a song or movie to put on the internet
    • Computer as a target – viruses, malware, denial of service
    • Computer as a tool – when an individual is the main target

    This is also classified as cyber crime or internet crime. Since the 1980’s the internet has exploded! Everywhere you look there is a smartphone in everyone's hand. Downloading a pirated movie or song is an internet crime. It seems innocent enough but it is illegal to do this. The types of crimes committed using the internet are extensive. Being in jail for this type of crime how many days we will get in jail?

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    It depends on the crime, there are too many types of cyber-crime like piracy, copyright, viruses, malware etc.