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Bail Bondsman arrest for impersonating a police officer

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  • Bail Bondsman arrest for impersonating a police officer

    Take notes and be careful, the role of a bounty hunter is a confusing role in the criminal justice system. Most people have no idea whats going on or who you are.... This is why we are told to call the police and let them know we will be in the area!!!
    One of the men charged with impersonating police talked to KTVB. We also spoke with the Idaho Sheriff's Association about confusion surrounding bail agents.

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    Even if we didn't call, this guy purposely knew what he was doing any tried to leverage it. Absolutely despicable.


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      Well, this is a truly weird story which happed in the bail bonds industry. Absolutely despicable indeed. The guy wanted to leverage his authority truly pathetic.


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        Very amateur move. He was just doing whatever it took at the time regardless of the laws and ethics. I would never try something like that in all my bail bondsman career