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Bail bond for failure to appear

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  • Bail bond for failure to appear

    Failure to appear is that the legal term for once a defendant/respondent does not appear in court once he/she was ordered to do so by the judge. If someone has failed to appear in court, a bench warrant will be issued for his or her arrest. If the suspect had a bail bond announce for him/her and doesn't show up for any of the court dates set forth by the court till the case is dismissed a bench warrant will be issued. However, if you know you missed court contact the bail bondsman they can help keep you out of jail. Failure to appear may additionally apply once a selected individual has been issued a subpoena and doesn't show up on the date declared within the subpoena.

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    Once you sign a bail bonds contract. You’ll also have to ensure you do not miss a single hearing. In case, you do, your agent may place a lien on your assets or have you re arrested. The court might also issue a warrant against you.