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How to make a million dollars in bail bonds

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  • How to make a million dollars in bail bonds

    Theres a difference between posting your first million dollars worth of bail and collecting a million dollars in premium for bail.

    I could go to the most popular areas for bail bonds like LA, Vegas, Miami, NYC and make a million dollars posting bail within 2 years. Guaranteed....

    I have made multiple "millionaires" in the bail bonds industry.

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    I have a question What would you have to be accused of to merit $1 million in bail bond? Definitely, something bad like murder or bank robbery. However, I read multiple stories about how serious offenders who are released on five-figure bails. What is the logic in that?


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      I know what you mean bail bonds industry can be very tricky. Like just yesterday I was watching the news and saw a guy on the news that robbed a bank and killed an old lady and was released on five-figure bail.


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        Hunters are out there swooping in on them and it can be done by anyone. Just need to build your way up with bail bonds. If other people are doing it, we can too