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    How many Bounty Hunters do you see come and go in the industry ? - I personally see a lot of bounty hunters start out hungry and motivated but more often than not we see bounty hunters last a few months before they decide a career in bounty hunting was not for them.

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    To become a bounty hunter, you don't need a degree, but completion of a training program in bounty hunting, bail enforcement or fugitive recovery may be necessary for state licensure. Bounty hunter job requires extensive investigative work, many bounty hunters start out as law enforcement officers. Bounty hunting is a field that usually requires one to run his or her own business. Fugitive recovery may require significant personal risk-taking. Training is required to understand the fundamentals of investigation, tracking, and use of force may be required.


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      I agree, I noticed that many bounty hunters start but not many succeed. It's because of the intricate and subtle nature of the business


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