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DERRICK JONES - New Orleans Bondsman arrest for concealed-carry permit scheme

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  • DERRICK JONES - New Orleans Bondsman arrest for concealed-carry permit scheme

    This weeks classy bondsman award goes to this guy!!!! DERRICK JONES of FREE ME BAIL BONDS

    Thank you sir! way to represent the industry well
    A New Orleans bail bondsman found himself on the wrong side of the law Thursday as he and a deputy constable were arrested on allegations that they concocted and sold

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    damn does he get to keep his license?


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      That is really awful that people like this are in the industry. There should be some stronger consequences when people in the bail bonds industry break that law like this man did. He should have his license taken away for sure.


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        Kate you will soon realize that this industry needs a lot of work, they need to weed out these shady bail bondsmen that give the good guys a bad reputation, but lets face it.... this is one of the oldest professions in the world, and we deal with criminals everyday, society is never going to really understand because thats how it is, you don't want to associate with our underground lifestyle and world.... but in reality this is how the world operates, were numb to it and we don't lie to try and impress others, I meet so many smart and some very very real people, now you wanna talk about who the true criminals are.... thats another day


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          It sucks that people like this are giving the industry a bad man. I'm pretty new but the people in the scene have been super helpful and encouraging, and then the outside world only sees people like this.